ACCESS® Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers provide freedom to use your truck bed the way you want. Simply roll the truck bed cover open to easily haul oversized loads and roll the cover closed for superior protection. Strategically placed weather seals form a tight barrier between your truck and tonneau cover. From the premium line to the most economical, ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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Additional Key Points

  • Limited Edition - premium tonneau with exclusive accessories including ACCESS® EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool, ACCESS® AA Battery LED Light, 2oz COVER CARE® Cleaner, Tie Down Rings and TRAILSEAL® Tailgate Gasket; 5 year limited warranty
  • ACCESS® Original - original roll-up cover with exclusive Slantback Rear Design, 5 year limited warranty
  • Toolbox Edition - specially designed to fit behind most 19" - 21" over-the-rail toolboxes, 5 year limited warranty
  • LITERIDER® - same great looks as the ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover but at a budget-friendly price, 3 year limited warranty
  • LORADO® - same quality components as the respected ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover but with a low-profile design, 5 year limited warranty
  • VANISH® - affordable mid-level low-profile option, 3 year limited warranty
  • TONNOSPORT® - sleek, low-profile look but at a budget-friendly price, 2 year limited warranty

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